A commercial property has custom sola panel installation

Reliable Commercial Solar Panel Installations in ,

Most solar installers in , only deal in residential solar panel installation, but we also offer services to the commercial sector in the great state of , .

Commercial solar panel installation is not that much different than residential solar panel installation, and we can perform both. Residential and commercial solar panels use the same technology, just in different sizes and configurations.

Commercial solar panels tend to be larger than residential ones, so they will produce more energy over time. That is one of the benefits of installing them on a commercial , property such as a school or a business.

Commercial solar panels also have the advantage of being rated for commercial use, meaning they are better equipped to handle heavier workloads as well as harsher weather conditions.

, commercial properties typically have higher energy needs than residential ones. So, it makes sense that if your company is going to install one type of panel onto its property, it would be a commercial solar panel.

There are advantages to using a commercial solar panel, and once you see them for yourself, you will understand why it is something that should be done.

Commercial solar panels also tend to have the ability to generate the most savings over time because they were meant to handle more work than regular residential panels can. That could equate to thousands of dollars in energy savings for your business by simply switching to a commercial solar panel.

In addition, these types of panels generally have a longer lifespan at around 25 years compared to other kinds, which may last between 10 and 15 years.

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Four Phases of Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Trusted and experienced solar panel companies typically follow four phases when installing solar panels for / commercial facilities. When you hire us for solar panel installation, we also follow these steps:

Due diligence

Before a solar panel is installed on , commercial properties, due diligence is required. It ensures that the panels are installed correctly.

It may require the initiation of a formal agreement between the parties involved in commercial solar panel installation.

Due diligence may include the following steps:

  • Physical evaluation of the site of installation
  • Legal review of records and title reports
  • Determining if your solar-powered system will connect to the power grid when it is completed


Once due diligence is completed, your company will receive an estimate for how much it will cost to install their custom commercial solar panels.

The design process can take up to five days or more depending on what was agreed upon by all the parties involved in the commercial solar panel installation project.

Choosing the right design of solar panels for your commercial property in , is important because it needs to fit the purpose of what you are installing it for.

It is also important to choose a design that will be aesthetically appealing to you and your customers or tenants, as well as one that will blend in with the existing landscape of the commercial property.


After commercial solar panel installation is designed, the construction process can begin. The building of a solar-powered system on land requires a large amount of work, including leasing equipment and tools.

The amount of time required for this phase can vary depending on how much construction is needed for your individual project.

Installation and commissioning

After the solar panel has been constructed, it is then installed and commissioned on your commercial property. Solar panel installation is a process that may take more than one day to complete.

When it comes time for solar panel installation, , has the best professionals on-hand who know how to install and maintain the type of panels that are right for commercial use.

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Benefits of solar panels for commercial properties

Your commercial property can benefit a lot from solar panels since they help to lower energy costs which, in turn, can lead to bottom-line savings.

By installing commercial solar panels for your , business property, you will be providing cleaner air and cleaner water for the environment.

The use of solar power protects the earth from further environmental damage due to carbon dioxide emissions which are one of the leading causes of global warming.

Commercial solar panels are also known for being cost-effective because they provide immediate return on investment without having to wait years for resale value or depreciating returns.

One reason why commercial solar panel installation is cost-effective is that it does not require an initial outlay of capital. This is unlike other investments that may have cash upfront requirements before the benefits start coming in over time.

Commercial solar panel installation allows you to save money on your monthly energy bills immediately after installation. This way, you can use the savings to pay for the cost of the solar panels themselves by financing them over time.

According to many financial experts, installing commercial solar panels is one of the safest investments that a company can make because there is no investment risk involved whatsoever.

Commercial solar panel installation has very few maintenance costs which make it even more sustainable for businesses looking to save money and protect the environment.

Solar power benefits for commercial properties also include a long-lasting impact on property value increase. When it’s time for your business to sell or lease its property, commercial solar panels will give your business an edge against any competition.

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